Deven Parekh Reports Closing of Insight Venture Partners $2.57 billion Fund XIII

Deven Parekh, through Insight Venture Partners, has announced that Insight recently raised $2.57 billion for Fund XIII. It is the firm’s 8th fund since its founding in 1995. This is among the largest funds ever raised.

Insight is based in New York City. It is a key private equity and venture capital enterprise. It invests in eCommerce, Internet, on-premise, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS)-based software and data-services entities.

Insight had raised $1.5 billion for a fund plus a $500 million co-investment vehicle in its most current fund before this fund. So far, the firm has raised a combined $7.6 billion. This new fund raise makes it possible for Insight to write checks that are as much as $300 million in amount. Insight reaches and tracks approximately 30,000 companies annually. Insight, through Deven Parekh, its other managing directors, and more than 50 employees, makes 10-20 investments annually.

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Deven Parekh Reports Insight Venture Partners Investment in Campaign Monitor

Deven Parekh, via Insight Venture Partners, has announced the company’s investment in Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor (established in 2004) is an international leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) -based email marketing and design methods. Insight invested US$250 million in this business. This is Campaign Monitor’s first round of financing.

Mr. Ben Richardson and Mr. David Greiner are Co-Founders of Campaign Monitor. In excess of 100,000 paying customers in 170 countries depend on Campaign Monitor to manage their email marketing. Campaign Monitor is a foremost email marketing option for leading global companies, creative agencies, as well as high-growth businesses.

Deven Parekh and Insight Venture Partners work to locate, finance, and work successfully with forward thinking executives who are driving change in their respective sectors. Mr. Parekh and the firm provide these executives and their businesses with hands-on, practical growth expertise to nurture long-term achievements. Deven and Mr. Nikitas Koutoupes (Insight Venture Partners Managing Directors) along with associate Mr. Dan May, will become members of Campaign Monitor’s Board of Directors.

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Deven Parekh and Jeff Lieberman Recognized By AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn has selected two Managing Directors from Insight Venture Partners as Venture Capital 100 winners. The two of these are Jeff Lieberman and Deven Parekh. The Venture Capital 100 (VC100) winners for 2013 were chosen by their associates. These peers include investors, bankers, journalists, as well as industry insiders. AlwaysOn is the foremost business media brand name. AlwaysOn connects and informs the entrepreneurial circle in the Global Silicon Valley.

Mr. Parekh joined Insight in January of 2000. He has served as a Director since January of 2004. Mr. Lieberman joined the firm in 1998. Before joining Insight, he had been a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. While there, he focused on operating and strategic issues in the consumer products, financial services, and technology industries.

The 2013 choice of Deven Parekh by AlwaysOn recognized as noteworthy his investments in Chegg and Twitter. Mr. Lieberman’s selection recognized as notable his investment in Cvent. Deven, Jeff and all the winners were chosen from amongst hundreds of men and women in the intercontinental technology entrepreneurial community.

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Deven Parekh Announces Hire of Former Vertafore CEO

Deven Parekh (Insight Venture Partners) announced previously in 2014 the hiring of Euan Menzies as Venture Partner. This is part of the firm’s strategy to grow its multi-disciplinary approach to investment and portfolio company management. Mr. Menzies is the former Chief Executive Officer of Vertafore, Inc. He functioned in this role from 2001 until October 2013.

Euan Menzies will offer strategic guidance to Insight Venture Partner professionals during the entire investment process. In addition, he will give advice to portfolio company executives on Mergers & Acquisitions, growth strategy, management, as well as operations. He will execute this while assisting the firm’s operations team of business executives and senior investment partners.

Deven Parekh, a Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners, explained, “Euan’s appointment to Venture Partner fits with our approach of deepening Insight’s software, operational and management expertise. We are thrilled to have him on our team.” Mr. Menzies has been effective in the software sector since the early 1990s. He has a record of propelling innovation and business transformation.

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Deven Parekh of Insight Venture Debuts on the Midas List

Deven Parekh is Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners, which is based in New York, New York. Insight Venture Partners is a major venture capital and private equity firm. He manages investments in e-commerce, consumer internet data, as well as application software companies. This year, Mr. Parekh debuted high on the Midas List (Forbes). He is a graduate of the Wharton School. He is on the Board at Fanatics, which is an online retailer for sports merchandise.

Deven Parekh had a 2009 investment in Twitter and investments in Chegg, Tumblr and Flipboard. Moreover, he assisted in navigating Tumblr to its sale to Yahoo a year ago. On top of that, he attained success with BuddyMedia, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2012 for $785 million. Additionally, in 2012, he directed a $165 million equity investment in Drilling Info. They are an Austin, Texas-headquartered data intelligence provider for the gas and oil industry.

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Deven Parekh Welcomes New Executive to Insight Venture Partners

Insight Venture Partners, the global, growth-focused venture capital and private equity investment firm, announced that Euan Menzies, former chief executive officer of Vertafore, Inc., has joined the firm in the position of Venture Partner as part of Insight’s strategy to broaden its multi-disciplinary approach to investment and portfolio company management. Deven Parekh is a managing partner at Insight Venture Partners.

As a Venture Partner, Mr. Menzies will provide strategic guidance to Insight professionals throughout the investment process, from sourcing new investments through exit. He also will advise portfolio company executives on management, operations, growth strategy and M&A, while supporting Insight’s senior investment partners and the firm’s operations team of business executives. Mr. Menzies has had a long business relationship with Insight, stemming from Insight’s investment in Vertafore in 2000.

“We see tremendous opportunity, innovation and growth in the technology sector and we’re taking a multi-disciplinary approach to investing in the market,” said Deven Parekh. “Euan’s appointment to Venture Partner fits with our approach of deepening Insight’s software, operational and management expertise. We are thrilled to have him on our team.”

Euan Menzies has worked in the software industry since the early 1990s and has a history of driving innovation and business transformation. From 2001 until October 2013, Mr. Menzies was the CEO of Vertafore Inc., a leading provider of SaaS software and information solutions to the U.S. insurance sector. He helped grow Vertafore through the successful transition of the company’s offerings from on-premise to SaaS solutions. He also helped guide the profitable integration of more than a dozen strategic and tactical acquisitions. Vertafore was acquired by TPG Capital for $1.4 billion in July 2010

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Deven Parekh Serves On The Board At Chegg An Innovative Textbook Rental Organization

Moreover, Deven Parekh serves as a Director on the Board of Chegg. Chegg’s concept is money-saving, rental access to textbooks. The Company is one of the Internet’s fastest growing new companies and the leading online textbook rental organization. For every single book rented, Chegg plants a tree by means of American Forest’s Global ReLeaf Program.

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Deven Parekh Serves On The Board Of Hayneedle An Internet Shopping Enterprise

Deven Parekh is on the Hayneedle Board as a Director. Hayneedle, Inc. operates as an online retail business. They feature lifestyle and home products. Founded in 2002, Hayneedle has their corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Deven Parekh Is A Managing Director And Partner At Insight Venture Partners, A Major Private Equity Company

Founded in 1995 by Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock, Insight Venture Partners presently has a capital base of around $3 billion. As a Partner and Managing Director at the organization, Deven Parekh concentrates exclusively on software and Internet-enabled enterprises.

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At Insight Venture Partners, Deven Parekh Specializes In Global Software, Technology-Driven Services And Internet Companies

Deven Parekh and the Insight team focus on forward thinking and cutting-edge businesses. Global software, technology-driven services and Internet organizations gain from Insight’s considerable business expertise. The organization is one of the fastest growing venture capital and private equity organizations.

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